Business Management

The firm’s core business is providing our clients with a comprehensive set of day-to-day services which allow them to meet the needs of their distinctive and complex lives. Our best work is behind the scenes where we marshal, secure, integrate, report and advise our clients on how to best protect their wealth and make informed decisions.


Family Office Services

Wealth is a living entity. It requires continuous management to achieve a client’s goals and ensure it will remain in the family for the current and future generations. A key decision in one area, such as a new venture or change of domicile, can impact every other aspect of the client’s financial life. WG&S offers the experience and technology to address the complexities of managing and sustaining wealth. By applying our proven methodology, we assist the client to stay on track toward stated goals, and adjust to changes in tax law, the economic environment or personal circumstances.


Music & Touring

Our many years of experience in all aspects of music and touring, as well as royalties and merchandising, along with our long-standing relationships with key industry leaders, make us a valuable part of the client’s team. To serve the client more effectively, we have offices in Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Texas and the East Coast – all with state-of-the-art technology.


Accounting & Bookkeeping

When full business management isn’t what the client is seeking, we at WG&S can tailor an engagement to provide outsourced CFO, accounting and bookkeeping services to meet specific needs.