Bill Tannenbaum is a Partner with the Los Angeles-based business management and accounting firm of WG&S, LLP. He heads up the firm’s music and touring practice, managing the business affairs and overseeing the touring for a wide range of Grammy Award® winning and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame™ artists and bands.

Bill is widely regarded in the industry as the “go to” Business Manager for touring acts at every level. After studying at The University of Southern California, he moved to Seattle in 1989. While working as a bartender and nightclub manager, Bill found his passion for music booking local bands during the height of the Grunge Music scene. When he decided to pursue a career in the music business, he began in the trenches as a bookkeeper at Provident Financial Management in the late 90s. It was there that he learned all aspects of the business and finance side of music and touring. From baby bands and up-and-coming solo artists to some of the biggest touring acts in the world, he learned the “biz” from some of the most respected names in the music industry.

In 2006 he joined Loring Ward which subsequently became NKSFB. Mr. Tannenbaum was tasked with creating the firm’s touring department – overseeing and managing the firm’s entire music and touring client base. The department handled more than fifty artists and bands at any given point. In the capacity of Director of Touring, he developed and implemented best-practices for the firm in tour accounting and client reporting and became NKSFB’s in-house expert in U.S. artist international tax withholding requirements, mitigation and compliance. While at NKSFB, Mr. Tannenbaum also went on the road with several major acts, most notably from 2012 to 2014, he joined the late legend, Prince, as his Tour Accountant and International Tax Advisor. These experiences proved invaluable to him developing key personal and professional relationships with industry leaders including managers, agents, promoters and vendors. In 2016, Mr. Tannenbaum was extended the opportunity to move his practice and join the partnership of WG&S, LLP where he is determinedly expanding the firm’s already substantial music and touring department. Bill was named to Variety’s Business Managers Elite list in 2016, soon after joining WG&S.